The National Satterfield Family Association is a group who share the name or an ancestor with the name Satterfield. Our group is interested in promoting genealogy of the Satterfields and enjoying each others company at the annual reunion.
We put out a newsletter several times a year.  
Membership in our group is opened to anyone interested in Satterfield genealogy. The dues are $25 per family for the year (Aug 1st- July 31st).
If you are interesting in joining or renewing your membership send a check made out to the Satterfield Family Association to the treasurer-
David Satterfield
5938 Stadler Road
Monroe, MI 48162
PLEASE INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS with you information. 

 The Satterfield Family Association was started by Ammon Y. Satterfield and his family. Ammon was born on April 18, 1883 in Goldville, Alabama. He started collecting information on the Satterfield family when he was ten years old. He continued until his death on Sept. 11, 1966. His daughter Hannah "Lucille" Satterfield Beem, born Aug. 15,1906 continued his effort until her death Nov. 12, 1995.

The first reunion was held Nov. 12, 13, 14 1948 at Mentone, Alabama. It was organized as a three day event starting on Thursday "the arrival day", Friday "the touring day" and Saturday "the Banquet Day" This tradition has continued for 62 years with the 2010 Reunion being held in St. Louis, MO. Between 1948 and 1960 the reunion was held every two years. The 1962 reunion was called off due to Ammon's ill health. They were not started again until 1967 when they started to be held every year.
After each reunion Lucille would visit the Satterfields in the area of the reunion for weeks filling out family group sheets and collecting copies of documents. Her library grew and grew to a size that is hard to image. At the reunions Lucille would tell us that "she now measured her efforts in linear feet". Lucille truly earned her title, "Satterfield Family Historian".
Lucille's work on the history of the Satterfields continues today. We have a database with thousands of names. We encourage anyone interested in their Satterfield ancestors to contact us and maybe come to one of our reunions. You can find information about our next reunion on this website.