Purpose:  To help the organization identify our early Satterfield ancestors.
We have made great strides in proving a lot of our lines back to the early 1700's with our family DNA project. As expected there are some problems but we need more Satterfield males to take part. It is very simple in that all
you do is swab the inside of the mouth and mail back.
To date we have had approximately 19 male Satterfield & Sutterfield males who have submitted their DNA for testing with mixed results.    We need more to participate in this project to complete our goal.   The procedure is easy:
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For your information no names of anyone living are named. You can't look at kit numbers if you don't know their password.

This information comes from Andrew Lancaster about the Satterfield/Sutterfield DNA project.

Kit 151902. Our participant can be traced back to Peter Moore Sutterfield/Satterfield of Searcy Co. Arkansas. This family normally uses the spelling "Sutterfield".

Peter Moore Sutterfield/Satterfield first appears at his marriage to Mary Rogers on
Jul 26, 1801, Laurens Co., S.C. Their first four children were born in South Carolina, and then they moved to Giles Co., TN. around 1809, and are listed on the 1812 Tax Rolls in that county. Later they moved to Lauderdale Co., abt. 1825, and prior to 1830 moved to Wayne Co., TN. Around 1842, Peter and Mary and seven of their grown children, with their families, moved to Searcy Co., Ar., which is where Peter died June 26, 1846. The spelling appears to have settled into "Sutterfield" only in Arkansas.

There are 5 generation steps back from our participant to Peter Moore Sutterfield.

Kit 125916. Our participant can be traced back to Robert Satterfield who had moved from Newberry, South Carolina, to Union Co., Georgia.

This family used both the Satterfield and Sutterfield spellings. From a legal document of 1853 written by James Samuel Satterfield of Union Co. (sometimes referred to as James D Satterfield in genealogies) we know that his parents were Robert and Catherine, and that Robert had been a revolutionary soldier of North Carolina, and that he had moved from Newberry Co. to Union Co. They had married in 1774, and lived in Newberry for only about 1 year. It seems likely they came from Pendleton district where a Robert appears on the 1790 and 1800 census. In 1810 they were in Edgefield district, and in 1820 and 1825 they appear to have been in
Greenville district.

As with other Satterfields associated with Pendleton in this period there are theories that Robert is the son of one James W Satterfield, and in other
words a brother to James D Satterfield, Thomas Wilson Satterfield, and Jeremiah Satterfield, discussed above.

There are 6 generation steps back from our participant to Robert Satterfield. 

These lines do not match the above kits OR each other.

Satterfield Kits 130288, 120489, 153087

There is one generational step between 130288 and 120489. The great grandfather, three generational steps back, of both 130288 and 153087, and
their most recent common ancestor, was Jesse Columbus Satterfield, born about 1846 in Ozark Co. Missouri, and previously thought to be James
Columbus. It appears possible that his father was also named Jesse, who may have come from Warren Co. Kentucky. The DNA signature is very unusual, and therefore matches with some Wilson and
Anderson families may very well be quite significant.

Proposed descendants of Jeremiah Satterfield of Pendleton, who married Elizabeth Brashears about 1797.

It was strongly believed that the following kits would be members of the same family as lived in the
Carolinas, descending from Jeremiah Satterfield.
Jeremiah seems to have even in lived in Pendleton, around 1800, before moving to
Kentucky, and then Tennessee. Surprisingly we have found 3
different R1b lines, and not in the same male line shared by some Satterfield and Satterthwaite families, and not matching either each other or any other Satterfield lines tested so far.

See above in the E3b section for more about the Pendleton Satterfields. Thomas Wilson Satterfield, in E3b Satterfield family 1, should by this theory have been Jeremiah's brother. These lines may well have been closely related to each other and to the other Pendleton lines, but the male line of most Pendleton descendents is quite distinct in our time.

There can be many very straightforward reasons for this, including informal adoption, which happened frequently in colonial times. Might Jeremiah have
adopted his children?

Saterfield Kit 100925.

Our participant has 4 generational steps back to Peter Satterfield, said to be a son of Jeremiah.

This is an R1b haplotype. No very close matches have been found outside the project either yet.

Satterfield Kit 151849 is also traced by genealogists back to Jeremiah Satterfield of Pendleton.

Our participant has 3 generational steps back to Hezekiah Satterfield, said to be a son of Jeremiah.

This is an R1b haplotype. The closest matches are to families with the surnames Roberts, Allen and Runyon/Runyan/Runion.

Satterfield Kit 152047 is yet a third line traced by genealogists back to Jeremiah Satterfield of Pendleton!

Our participant has 3 generational steps back to Basil Satterfield, said to be a son of Jeremiah.

This is an R1b haplotype. The closest matches are to families with the surname

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