Hello, everyone
I want to thank those people who attended and who helped at the 2010 reunion in St. Louis. Thank you Miriam and Shirley for being there to greet everyone. Donny, thank you for filling Kingsport Jack's shoes. I don't know what we would have done without you. We had several new families come to the reunion this year and I hear we got a lot of new genealogical material to add to the data base. I also want to thank George Satterfield and his family for coming. They make the reunions a family vacation and I hope they had a good time in St. Louis this year and we see them in Cincinnati next year.
As the new president I would like some input from our members. Please email me with your answers to these questions. I will keep anything you write to me confidential.
If you attend the reunions:
-What do you want the reunions to be about?
-Do you come for the genealogy or to socialize or both?
-What can we do to make them better for you?
-Do you want genealogy programs and/or more group activities like trips to places of interest?
-What can we do to entice your families to come?
If you do not attend the reunions:
-Why don't you? I understand finances or getting the time off work can be involved
-What can we do to encourage you to attend? We are a friendly group who will make you welcome.
The other topic is the newsletter.
-What do the members who pay their dues want from the newsletter?
-Do we keep it as it is or should we add other topics of interest to it?
-Are there members who would be willing to write articles for the newsletter?
-Do you want to get you newsletter in the mail or in an email?
I hope people will think about these questions and give me some suggestions. The Satterfield Association is important to me and I want ideas on how we can reach out to more people with both our reunions and the newsletter and this website.
Again, thank you to everyone who helped me in St. Louis and I hope to see you all in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Robin Satterfield-Beckmann
President, National Satterfield Family Association

 A Word from our Past President:

I am very happy to report a wonderful reunion in St. Louis this past July. I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how honored I have been to be President of the National Satterfield Family Association for these past few years, and to wish our new President, Robin Satterfield Beckman, the best of luck. I hope all of you will support her in this endeavor. She will need much assistance and you all can each play a small part to make a great Whole. We need all the volunteers we can get to keep up the work that has been continuing since the 1940's.
My first awareness of the Satterfield Association was in a newsletter which was put out by Ben Satterfield somewhere around 2002. I could hardly wait until the next reunion to attend and see what this Association was all about. Now, I wouldn't miss it!!
I hosted the reunion in 2006 in Danville, VA. My mother, who was 92 at the time, was just thrilled to be there....receiving the award for "oldest attendee." She was not able to attend any further reunions, but was always interested to hear how it had gone. She passed away last week at the age of 96. She was proud to have married and become part of the Satterfield Clan.
This past reunion in St. Louis, MO, was worth the long trip to get there. I was happy to see so many who had travelled so far and so many who had just a short trip to get there. There were some great new Satterfield's who had just come for their first time and we were so amazed to hear their stories and see how they had found us. The Arch and the city by the river were really spectacular. Robin did a great job as host and will now continue to lead the Association as our new President. Please contact her and offer your help to make our small contributions a lighter load for her.
Start thinking about next year's reunion in Ohio/Kentucky too!
So, I thank you all for your many, many contributions when I was President and for all of your support and enthusiam. I look forward to many, many more years of attending and wish all the best to Robin as your new President.
God Bless All of You and God Bless America!
Rose Satterfield

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