NFSA Scholarship

Each year, it is the goal of the NSFA to help further the education of one of our own by awarding a scholarship.   

Following are the guidelines set forth by the Scholarship Committee.  The scholarship committee chairperson may be contacted if there are any questions or concerns.




Scholarship Guidelines

Applicant can be a Satterfield descendant by birth, marriage, adoption, or a step-child or step-grandchild of a Satterfield.

Applicant must be accepted for undergraduate or graduate studies in an accredited college (2- or 4-year) or university for the upcoming semester.  Contact information for school must be provided.

Applicant must submit a cover letter that includes the name of the Satterfield you are associated with, current résumé, and an essay on “What Family Means to Me.”  The essay must be 500 words or more and double-spaced.  In addition to the traditional information, the résumé should include career goals for the future and plans in place to accomplish those goals.  (Note:  Please black out any pertinent data, such as Social Security number.)  Current address, phone number, and email address (if applicable) must be included in the application.

This information should be sent to the Scholarship Committee Chairman and must be postmarked no later than July 1.  

The winner will be chosen based on  grade average, completeness of résumé, and originality, content, composition, and punctuation of the essay.

The winner will be chosen by the present Scholarship Committee and announced at the Banquet of the National Satterfield Family Association Reunion.  Although it is not imperative that the applicants/winner be present at the Banquet, it is highly encouraged.

The amount of the scholarship, as well as the number of scholarships awarded, shall be determined each year, based on funds available.  However, in no event shall a scholarship of less than $500 be awarded.

The treasurer of the National Satterfield Family Association will mail a check for the designated amount of the scholarship directly to the college or university where the winner is enrolled.  The details of the transaction shall be worked out between the appropriate college/university representative and the treasurer of the National Satterfield Family Association.

The winner will not be eligible to receive the scholarship more than once.

Send applications by mail or  email to:

             Robin Satterfield Beckmann

12067 Glengrove, St Louis, MO 63043


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