Dear Members,

This is a picture from our reunion in Chattanooga 2014. Our theme was the 50"s.

My daughter and I first starting attending the reunion in 1996. We were traveling to North Carolina with my father and brother. I was went along to do some genealogy research in South Carolina. (My ancestor is Peter Satterfield born in 1796 in SC). We were near Ashville when we saw a sign for Maggie Valley. My daughter's name is Maggie so we decided to get off the highway and check the town out. As we exited the highway we saw a hotel sign that said WELCOME SATTERFIELD FAMILY.

The rest is history. My daughter and I have been coming to the reunions ever since. I even hosted the 2010 reunion in St. Louis. I found out all the genealogy information I was looking for at Maggie Valley. I was also able to reconnect with a cousin of my father who lived in California and was a long distance member of the group. I have made many friends over the years.

We hold our reunions in different cities most years. if you look at past reunions you can see places and pictures of previous reunions.

I have always used the reunions as vacations. The first 3 we attended with my brother and father. I am so glad that Maggie and I were able to spend this special time with my father before he passed away.

I encourage members to come to this reunions with their children and grandchildren. Enjoy a family vacation together.